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Acquire a prominent position on search engines and propel your business to the top of search engines with SCI Interactive. Marketing and technology professionals at SEO company in Bangalore take charge of positioning your website on the top pages of search engines & you sit back and attend to customers who call, write and connect with you, wherever you are.

A Thorough Analysis of Competitor Activity

Knowing the strengths and activity of competitors is vital in our scheme of things for success at SCI Interactive. An in-depth and intelligent analysis of activities of competitors reveals niche opportunities and pitfalls experienced by businesses ahead of us. We keep track of businesses, especially the leaders of similar operations and make every effort in getting ahead of them.

Strategic Keyword Placements

SEO experts place great importance on keyword research. Next in the order of priority comes relevance and frequency of search. Determining geographical priorities and target keywords from the searching party’s point of view rewards us with optimum traffic that is relevant.

We often stay away from most searched keywords as everyone in the business will be competing for them. The SEO team instead researches on short, long phrases and keywords that is not so obvious but rewarding. We seek insights of our clients business and advice on keyword strategy at the initial stages of implementing every SEO assignment.

Keep up with Algorithm Changes

The year saw major changes where Google introduced a series of algorithm changes. The team at invests time and effort in keeping up with the changes and can achieve excellent positions in organic or places to fit your business model.







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