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We have the attitude, skills, and knowledge to deliver the right solutions.


Who We Are

We are a young, dynamic, exuberant and highly talented team of IT solution providers, just six years old but vastly experienced. Based in the India, we also work from two offshore offices in India so there’s unlimited talent at our disposal. Santric exists to meet the growing demands of IT services worldwide, earning us a reputed and fun clientele around the globe from varying industries.

Both small and medium companies want to grow by inculcating digital uplift, yet they are skeptical of hit-and-trial freelance hiring methodology. Santric eliminates their fears by serving through an in-house team of experts as well as a network of offshore professionals. For critical projects, we also offer onsite service and support. Our business model allows us to get maximum results with the minimum possible cost.

What We Do

There are promises and then there are deliverables; we are different because we do not differentiate between the two. We do not just deliver projects but the core values we trust in! We customize not as an option but as our way to satisfy our clients. We work to make businesses realize and achieve their potential and help them reach it in order to enhance their brand value!

Our strength lies in the expertise of our team that handles projects related to website design and development, mobile site and mobile app design and development, various aspects of digital marketing and performing real-time analysis for superior efficiency. Our process-driven team is motivated by ever challenging projects. Every client is different so are their expectations from us. Our creative quotient often overrides caution, aiding us to deliver quality and excellence in all our endeavours.

Just get in touch with us to know if we could be of your service in any way!


Our mission is to empower small and medium businesses worldwide and assist them to contribute to the world economy in a more competitive, comprehensive and profitable way than was possible before the digital revolution!


Our vision is to be the first and only choice for companies when they are thinking of an IT or digital service upgrade for their company in any way, shape or form!


We try to take it one step at a time, ask questions, find suitable solutions, encourage and expand and help every stakeholder along on their road to success and fulfilment. After all, there’s a much bigger arena of moksha beyond the attainment of financial balance!

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Welcome to Santric Technologies Private Limited!!!
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